What's the 'truth' about chickens?

Araucana ChickenMulti-colored Eggs
Rumpless Araucana Chicken & Eggs
The natural blue-green egg of the Araucana chicken is why the breed is sometimes called
the "Easter Egg" chicken. They originated in Chile and were brought to the U.S. around 1920.

Why are some chicken eggs brown?
A few decades ago, when people came to the conclusion that brown
bread, brown flour, and brown sugar were more nutritious than their
white counterparts, many also extrapolated that brown eggs must be
healthier, too. Conversely, many lovers of white eggs figured there must
be something alien and weird about the brown ones. In reality there's
no discernible difference in flavor or nutrition between brown and white eggs.
The only difference is that brown eggs are laid by rust-red chickens, such
as the Rhode Island Red, while white eggs come from white chickens, most
notably the White Leghorn, which makes up about 90% of the North
American egg-laying chicken population. So can't we all get along?

Does a baby chick breathe inside the egg? How?
Yes it does. An eggshell may look solid, but it actually has about
8,000 pores that are large enough for oxygen to flow in and
carbon dioxide to flow out. John Davy of Edinburgh, Scotland, proved
this in 1863 by pumping pressurized air into an underwater egg and
watching thousands of tiny bubbles appear on the surface. The
head of a chick develops at the large end. About three days before
hatching, a baby chick punctures the air cell at the base of the egg
with its sharp egg tooth (a tiny, horn point on top of its beak) and
breathes the first gulp of air: still inside the egg. As soon as it
can breathe, it can peep. We can hear peeping and
tapping as it methodically chips a hole in the egg.

Can chickens fly?
Better than a penguin, emu, kagu, kiwi, and ostrich combined.
However, not that well compared to most other birds. The world's
record for a nonstop chicken flight is a little more than 230 yards.

How long would chickens live if we didn't eat them?
If kept away from the frying pan and Colonel Sanders,
they will live about eight years.

~From: "Just Curious, Jeeves"

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