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"Music washes away from the soul
the dust of everyday life."

~ Berthold Auerbach, German Novelist (1812-1882)

June 21, 2004


"An Inspired Moment"


From the Inside Out...
Song of the Universe

Yes You Can!...
Ease Auto-Immune Disorders

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Majuro Atoll

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Help for Hormones

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A Tribute to Dads

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More Whipped Cream

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What a Site!
Computer Ease

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Hippo Sweat

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The Magic of Intention

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Joyful Lifestyles...
Rewarding Ourselves with Humor

Inspiration Online Magazine

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What a joy it is to burst into song, regardless of how true the notes, and feel our soul at play.

~ Chelle ~

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From the Inside OutInspiration Online Magazine - Denali, Alaska

Perhaps if it were not for my father and my lack of foundation, I would not have become a seeker, an initiate, a hermetic writer who learns the way to help others by helping myself.

I thank my father for fostering in me a love of language, mystery, and minerals of the earth. Perhaps he was a "teacher" of sorts, sent to gift me with the tools I needed to mine the mystery of myself.

By unlocking my own secrets, I feel I am discovering the secrets of all human psyches, for we are all forged by the same universal mind.

In the end, to "know thyself" is to know what the Alaska natives call "Denali" or the "great one." Yes, it is their moniker for Mt. McKinley, but I believe that mountains are metaphors for the divine. Climbing a mountain is one path to knowing the divine self.

As a child growing up in the Adirondack Mountains, my physical world had very solid borders. There was the house, the lawn, and the garden. Beyond the garden lay fallow fields and the woods.

Entering the woods was entering another reality, a world of mystery, of the unknown, where nothing was predictable, and anything could happen.

I loved the woods. My imagination took flight there, and I was free. Eventually, the woods came to a river, and while I often fished at its edges, I never crossed that border physically.

Mentally, I always wondered what manner of worlds existed on the other side of the mountain? Currently my question is: what manner of realities exists beyond the confines of my current mindscape?

It is this yearning that will guide me into the next chapter of my life. I have a sense that I am on the brink of finding that place where I will feel real and whole. I hold a visual metaphor of this place in my mind.

As a young mountain girl, I often went to the woods for solace from the cruel conditions of my childhood. There I would climb the biggest boulder I could find and sing at the top of my voice.

I remember singing "Amazing Grace" with all the passion of a child who knows all too well the meaning of the phrase "wretch like me."

The lyrics hold the key as to why it saved me: "Amazing Grace (divinity), how sweet the sound (song) that saved a wretch like me."

Singing is divinity. Song is sound, vibration, energy, creativity. And creativity/creation, for me, is a seed-thought in the universal mind, coupled with a vibrating heart, blending their energies to create the song of the universe, without which, we wouldn't be here.

~ Kathryn Preston
Actor/Voice-Over Artist/Freelance Writer
Carbondale, Colorado must

Inspiration Online Magazine
s You Can!


The auto-immune disease myasthenia gravis is a chronic neuromuscular disease that causes muscle weakness that worsens during activity and improves with rest. The disorder can affect facial muscles (including eye and eyelid movement), chewing, talking, and swallowing. It occurs when the immune system produces antibodies that attack or destroy receptors for the neurotransmitter acetylcholine. Like other auto-immune diseases, myasthenia gravis can go into remission temporarily, sometimes for long periods of time.

Urticaria is the medical term for hives, which can become chronic. Hives develop when the body releases, histamine, a regulatory chemical that dilates blood vessel walls and allows fluids to leak into surrounding tissues, which causes swelling and itching. This can happen as a result of an allergic reaction or might be an immune system reaction to components of skin.

Hashimoto's thyroid disease is the result of an immune system attack on the thyroid gland, causing damage that interferes with the normal production of thyroid hormones. Once diagnosed, the disorder can be treated with replacement thyroid hormones.

Because auto-immune diseases tend to flare up in response to emotional ups and downs, try some form of mind/body treatment — hypnosis may be especially helpful. Psychotherapy, biofeedback and guided imagery are also good options.

You might try consulting a practitioner of homeopathy or Chinese medicine to get at the underlying problem. In addition, the following dietary changes may help:

1. Reduce protein intake to 10 percent of total calories; replace animal protein as much as possible with plant protein.
2. Eliminate milk and milk products (substitute other calcium sources).
3. Eat more fruits and vegetables (make sure that they are organically grown).
4. Eliminate polyunsaturated vegetable oils, margarine, vegetable shortening, all partially hydrogenated oils, all foods (such as deep-fried foods) that might contain trans-fatty acids. Use extra-virgin olive oil as your main fat.
5. Increase your intake of omega-3 fatty acids.
6. Take ginger (start with one capsule twice a day). Turmeric can also be helpful. Try Turmeric Force capsules from New Chapter and follow the dosage directions on the package.

~Andrew Weil, MD, Harvard Medical School graduate
Dr. Weil is at the forefront of Integrative Medicine
which combines the best ideas and practices of
alternative and conventional medicine in order to
maximize the body's natural healing mechanisms.


Inspiration Online Magazine - Nightingale-Conant

Far Horizons


Inspiration Online Magazine - Marshall Islands
Photo: Pacific Picture Photo Agency
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Comprising over a thousand flat coral islands of white sand beaches and turquoise lagoons, the Marshall Islands beckons with all the promise of a tropical paradise. There's pristine diving and lush tropical greenery, and the Marshallese people retain many of their pre-colonial crafts and traditions. Most visitors to the Marshalls get only as far as Majuro Atoll, the nation's political and economic center and home to nearly half its populace. You can grasp what it's like to live on a ribbon of land so narrow that, as often as not, you can see the ocean on both sides. By visiting Laura Village, at the westernmost end of the mainland, you can find a rural lifestyle somewhat similar to that of the outer islands.
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Links That Shine

Inspiration Online Magazine
"Help for Hormones"

Jackie Harvey works in partnership with nurses, medical doctors and health care practitioners. She is a women's health advocate and is on a mission to positively change the health and lives of women everywhere. Through her popular "Let's Talk" seminars, she informs and educates women on the important issues related to natural hormone balancing.


Fascinating Facts

What is the origin of Father's Day?

Inspiration Online Magazine - Dog

Laughing It Off

I have a new delightful friend, I'm almost in awe of her;
When we first met I was impressed by her bizarre behavior.

That day I had a date with friends, we met to have some lunch;
Ellie had come along with them, all in all a pleasant bunch.

When the menus were presented, we ordered salads, sandwiches, and soups;
Except for Ellie who circumvented, and said, "Ice-cream, please. Two scoops."

I was not sure my ears heard right, and the others were aghast;
"Along with heated apple pie," Ellie smiled, completely unabashed.

We tried to act quite nonchalant, as if people did this all the time;
But when our orders were brought out, I did not enjoy mine.

I could not take my eyes off Ellie, as her pie ala-mode went down;
The other ladies showed dismay, they ate their lunches, and they frowned.

Well, the next time I went out to eat, I called and invited Ellie.
My lunch contained white tuna meat, she ordered a parfait.

I smiled when her dish I viewed, she asked if she amused me;
I answered, "Yes, you do, and you also do confuse me."

"How come you order rich desserts when I feel I must be sensible?"
She laughed and said, with wanton mirth, "I am tasting all that's possible."

"I try to eat the food I need, and do the things I should;
But life's so short, my friend, indeed, I hate missing out on something good."

"This year I realized I was old," she grinned, "I've not been this old before;
So, before I die, I've got to try, Those things for years I have ignored."

"I've not smelled all the flowers yet, and too many books I have not read;
There's more fudge sundaes to wolf down, and kites to be flown overhead."

"There's many malls I have not shopped, I've not laughed at all the jokes;
I've missed a lot of Broadway Hits, and potato chips and cokes.

"I want peanut butter every day, spread on my morning toast;
I want un-timed long-distance calls, to the folks I love the most."

"I've not cried at all the movies yet, nor walked in the morning rain;
I need to feel wind in my hair, I want to fall in love again."

"So, if I choose to have dessert, instead of having dinner;
If I should die before nightfall, you'd have to say I died a winner."

"That I missed out on nothing, that I had my heart's desire;
That I had that final chocolate mousse, before my life expired."

With that, I called the waitress over, "I've changed my mind, it seems;"
I said, "I want what she is having, only add some more whipped-cream!"

Virginia Ellis, Copyright © 2000

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Untangling the Web


This site offers a "Guide to the Most Efficient Things in the World". For a product or technique to be considered meta-efficient it must be: Energy & Resource Efficient, Affordable, Reliable, Non-polluting, and if possible, Portable. Check out their picks of various appliances, vehicles, heating and cooling systems, rain water harvesting, paint, etc.


Hiding Your Taskbar
Would you like to hide your taskbar and have it appear when you need it? Just right-click any blank area on your taskbar (your taskbar is what your Start button sits on) and select "Properties" from the menu that pops up. Select "Autohide" or "Auto-hide taskbar" from the resulting screen. Now, your taskbar will disappear when you move your mouse away from it and re-appear when you bring your mouse back.

Look at THAT!

Inspiration Online Magazine - Ueno Zoo Japan
Photo: REUTERS/ Yuriko Nakao
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Want to be hip at the beach, plus cool and healthy?
Try Hippopotamus sweat. Not only is the sweat of the hippo a fetching shade of red that gradually turns to brown, it also acts as a sunscreen. But before heading off to the zoo for sweat samples, a word of caution. The scientists at Keio University say there is a down side — it stinks. Researchers have identified the chemicals responsible for the timeless myth that hippopotamus sweat blood. The blood red secretion is a familiar sight to anyone who has come face to face with a hippo. Kimiko Hashimoto and his colleagues at Kyoto Pharmaceutical University, Japan, revealed that hippos' secretions are neither blood nor sweat, but a mixture of pigments that function both as sunscreen and antibiotic. This mixture keeps hippos' cool and protects them from the harmful effects of the sun. The hippos tend to produce more of the 'Scarlet Sweat' when on dry land rather than when they are in water, bolstering the idea that the secretions are similar to sweat. However, other experts have suggest that it works like waterproofing.


Just for YOU ...

Magic of Intention
Through the Wizardry of Change ... Create a Magical Life NOW!
Believe That Your Dreams Are Happening NOW!
Order a set of 50 cards for $12 including
card holder +S/H $1.50
COMING SOON . . . "MAGIC OF INTENTION" Motivational Book
by Karin Peterson-Sitrin, Creativity Life Coach/Intention Specialist

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Joyful Lifestyles: Weekly InsightsInspiration Online Magazine - Joy

Researchers report that humor seems to activate brain networks that are involved in rewards. Humor is no laughing matter, according to Dr. Allan L. Reiss of Stanford University in California, who led the research. "Humor has significant ramifications for our psychological and physical health. Our sense of humor often dictates if, how and with whom we establish friendships and even long-lasting romantic relationships." Humor is also a "universal coping mechanism" for dealing with stress, Reiss added. Despite the importance of humor, little is known about the brain mechanisms that underlie humor.

The Stanford researcher noted that most people are drawn to humor and that it makes people feel good. "We seem to feel rewarded" by humor, he said. Now, Reiss and his colleagues report that they have zeroed in on the brain's reward system for humor. In the study, volunteers had their brain activity monitored as they read a series of cartoons. Some of the cartoons were supposed to be funny, but others had the funny cues omitted. After viewing each strip, participants pushed a button if they thought the comic was funny. Researchers found that when a cartoon made a person laugh, a brain network that is known to be involved in reward was activated.

"I believe that understanding humor is fundamental to understanding many aspects of 'normal' human social behavior," Reiss said. Learning more about the brain mechanisms that underlie humor may also help scientists who study depression. Reiss noted that the loss of the ability to appreciate humor is a common symptom of depression. "We believe that utilizing studies such as this may be one way to more specifically identify individuals at risk for depressive disorders." The research may also be useful in measuring a person's response to treatment for depression. The humor reward system in the brain may come "on line" even before symptoms of depression change, according to Reiss. The research may also help explain "humorless" people, who, Reiss noted, may have serious problems in relationships. "Perhaps they are missing this reward link in their circuitry."

~ Chelle Thompson, Editor ~

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