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~ For Rookie Scott (January, 1993—August, 2008) ... Daily Inspirational Quotes

January 26, 2009


"You're the One That I Want"

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When I first saw Carolyn and Rookie dancing to the song "You're the One that I Want," I broke into tears like so many other people have. I saved a link to the video and watch it whenever I'm feeling sad or if I need to be reconnected with some of the deepest parts of my consciousness.

Chelle Thompson
~ Chelle Thompson, Editor

... you can help people all
around the
world without a bit of risk to yourself!

From the Inside OutCarolyn Scott and Rookie

Paralyzed due to childhood polio at the age of four years, and additionally diagnosed with a significant heart disorder, Carolyn Scott has suffered much physical and psychological pain. Today, she suffers from the after effects of her initial polio and treatments, evidencing Post Polio Sequelae. This has resulted in Carolyn's no longer competing in the ring due to her diminished balance, which can result in falls. Yet, she continues to be a world-recognized teacher of the relatively new sport of canine freestyle dance, traveling the world and personally demonstrating and spreading the joy that comes from participation in this sport. In turn, she has taken her cues from a dog who, himself, has suffered from anxiety from his own fears of the unknown. By bonding with her dogs and helping them live life to the fullest, she has been able to tackle her own continuing challenges.

People who see the Internet clip (HERE) (Download video once, for a smooth second viewing) of Texas-born Carolyn Scott performing a song from "Grease" with her golden retriever Rookie are riveted to the screen. Thousands have sent her e-mails, many saying they cried with joy. They know they're seeing something special between this woman and this dog as Rookie spins and grins at Carolyn in the canine freestyle dance, but they can't quite put their finger on it. "They look at that capacity for love and they want it," says Rochelle Lesser, a school psychologist who is making a documentary film on Carolyn and Rookie. "They can't comprehend anything that pure."

BUT THEIR LESSONS IN LIFE ARE EVEN MORE POWERFUL! Carolyn was scarred by polio that weakened her right side and damaged her self-confidence. She was shunned from people's houses out of fear when she was 4 years old. As an adult, she grew too afraid to leave her house without the support of her husband, her high-school sweetheart.

Then she got Rookie, a submissive puppy who was fearful of people and tight places. He collapsed when confronted with anything new. Their journey is a lesson in reading each other's strengths and the trust that comes from consistent, positive reinforcement. "Through the process of working on his fears, I started addressing some of mine," said Carolyn, in a warm and moderated Texas accent by phone from her home in Houston. Seeing the limits fear placed on Rookie's life allowed Carolyn to see how she limited her own life. Today she and Rookie appear all over the country and on television, though Carolyn still has to talk herself through her nervousness. She says she owes it all to that "little yellow dog." "My husband is totally in shock, and so are my kids," Carolyn said. "I'm getting over the hump."

"You must do what you find hardest to do." — Eleanor Roosevelt

The journey for Carolyn began in 1950 when she contracted polio at age 4, just two years before the terrible disease reached its peak, afflicting 21,000 people in the US By the time she was released from a hospital for "crippled children" near Gonzales, Texas, her right leg was an inch and a half smaller than her left and the muscles had atrophied. She hid her limp, just as President Roosevelt hid his paralysis after contracting the disease in 1921. FDR used arm strength and braces to appear in public as if he were standing. "Most of us polio survivors did overcompensate," Carolyn says. "We worked hard and just focused on achieving. I didn't start talking about it until the last few years." Much of her hard work as a child to rebuild her mobility has come back to haunt her. She wore her leg out, she says. She suffers continued deterioration on her right side. Her left leg is starting to give from carrying the load.

Carolyn's first bond outside her family was with a collie. As an adult, she trained dogs for obedience. But the handler must confine movement in obedience and Carolyn"wavered in the wind." She was afraid of falling and embarrassing herself. And when she got Rookie, she could see that obedience was too rigid for his fragile nature. In 1996, when he was 3, she introduced him to the new sport of canine freestyle dance, a natural for him and for her. They won — or, as she says, "HE" won — the first national competition in the off-leash division, a highlight of her life. "It was a process of discovery," Carolyn says. "I had no idea how much talent he had. I started watching him closely to see what he enjoyed doing." She built his confidence by using a "clicker" device that signals to the dog immediately that he's doing the right thing and reward is on its way. She taught him spins, but he added throwing his feet in the air and other moves that give him such verve. Though she's trying to keep her balance, she lets him improvise. "Then I reward him like crazy. He loves doing it."

Lesser, who's making the documentary, says she also has a fearful dog but she accepts the dog's limitations because she can't or won't put the hours in that Carolyn did with Rookie. "Trust, me, when Carolyn had this fearful dog, this was her life; she was devoted to overcoming this," Lesser says. "The amount of hours she put into this would just amaze people. They just see the end product." As a consequence, there is no other team like them, Lesser believes. No team that moves so much as one. She's hoping her documentary, "Gotta Dance," will show that connection, raise money for canine oncology and deliver the message that people don't have to stop enjoying life because of difficulties.

Carolyn taught Rookie that life is a fun game. She gives him random rewards and lets him play with people when they go out. "Of course, now he thinks that's what they're there for. Both of our personalities have taken a change. He's confident and enjoying life — just like I am." Carolyn said. "Unfortunately, Carolyn can't be who she is right now without what she went through," Lesser says. "She's just incredible. She has a real presence." Instead of telling herself she's going to fall down and how frightened she is, Carolyn restructures her thoughts to tell herself she's going to do a good job. If she falls down, it's OK. And if she questions herself, she has only to look at Rookie, whose natural personality was hidden under all that fear. "All of us walk around masquerading ourselves," Carolyn says. "We don't let ourselves be vulnerable."

You can learn about Land of PureGold Foundation's documentary film HERE that is based on this special union. The film celebrates the human-canine bond and how it was critical in their overcoming adversity, given Carolyn’s polio and more. It is being produced for fundraising purposes for working dogs and funding research in comparative oncology, the study of cancers that occur similarly in people and companion animals. The special montage (below) is a tribute to the most unique 15-year partnership of Carolyn Scott and her beloved Golden Retriever, Rookie. Arguably, the most famous canine freestyle team in the world, Carolyn and Rookie’s love for one another has been cheering millions through the many clips that have circulated over YouTube since the famous routine was digitalized several years ago. Little did they know that posting of that video would bring so much joy to so many, actually even bringing soldiers in Iraq to tears.

There is a powerful message in the life-affirming joy and inner radiance that Carolyn and Rookie exude, as this film demonstrates the restorative miracles that can abound through the embodiment of the human-canine bond. However, it is important to understand that this documentary is NOT a story about canine freestyle. Rather, it is a courageous story of inner strength and survival, as Carolyn continues, in a sense, to dance for her life. See More Videos of Rookie & A Sad Update HERE

See Video HereCarolyn Scott & Golden Rookie Montage: A 15 Year Partnership HERE
(Always let videos download once, for smooth second viewing.)

~Excerpted from an article by Sherry Stripling, Seattle Times

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Words from the Wise

'‘Extraordinary People through a Unique Lens’'
(Soul Biographies — From Filmmaker Nic Askew)
DAVID ROCHE'S face distinguishes him from all other motivational speakers. Perhaps true beauty is something that draws our attention at second glance, once the judgment of a first glance has realized its mistake —
David Roche

David has transformed the challenges and gifts of living with a facial disfigurement into a compelling message that uplifts and delights audiences around the world. (David's WEBSITE and BLOG) The story of his heroic journey from shame to strength has inspired standing ovations from the Kennedy Center to the Sydney Olympics Arts Festival, from most of the 50 States to Canada, England, New Zealand and Moscow. (David's BOOK HERE)
(Always let videos download once, for a smooth second viewing.)

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"Intention is the key method by which we motivate and
move our self on this planet. It always has been." ~John-Roger

If your formal education was anything like mine, it may have been directed mainly into gaining qualifications so that you could get a sound job, reliable income and the material benefits to enjoy a rewarding life. So far, so good, But only up to a point. School education in my experience does not generally equip us to relate well with each other, or we would not witness social breakdown in schools and colleges. Nor does it always assist us to recognize and realize our individual aptitudes, natural motivations, heartfelt aspirations or least of all, our innate value and worth as a human being. This self-understanding leads to personal fulfillment.

What if you could create an intention for greater fulfillment? Setting an intention involves choosing a direction, a positive focus that may be fulfilled in many ways over time. It is not finite and it is expansive. These 3 keys offer a foundation for your intention, and for the fulfillment that will unfold from it.

1. VALUE YOURSELF: "Our intention creates our reality." ~Wayne Dyer

What if you were to fully know your value and express it into the world through your work, your relationships with others and your presence of well-being? You could transform your world — not necessarily the world as a whole, but the world immediately around you — of your family, work colleagues and friends. I would like to suggest that appreciating your value is an important key to finding greater fulfillment. Appreciate has the sense both of gratitude and of increase. What you appreciate grows in value for you. Think of a garden you enjoy cultivating, giving your time, care and attention to produce flowers, maybe fruit or vegetables. It gives back to you. As you appreciate yourself, your value grows. As your value grows, you have more to give. As you give more, you may receive more. It is a virtuous cycle that spirals upwards.

HOW? A simple and yet powerful exercise I have used in partnership, and in corporate training, is that of acknowledgment (of tasks accomplished) and appreciation (for qualities expressed). Acknowledging and appreciating others is a great exercise for developing intimacy in a close relationship, and strength in a team, At the end of a day, experiment by acknowledging and appreciating yourself. It could look something like this: I acknowledge myself for... taking the kids to school ... going to the gym ... giving constructive feedback to my assistant. I appreciate myself for... being patient, kind, thoughtful, fun, a good listener.

2. ENJOY YOURSELF: "Never underestimate the ability of the Divine powers that be to work out what is coming from clear intention." ~John Morton

The intention that works for me is written in my heart of hearts. It is not a sentimental thing but something solid that resonates within me. It is not an idea, a belief, a passing wish or a vain hope. It has the deep quality of knowing. Clear intention in me is profound, unshakable. The energy of intention fuels the aspirations I envisage. A clear workable intention has a quality of joy with it. We each have a recognizable Personal Motivational Trend, defined as that which we are good at, enjoy doing and gives us the experience of success. If you are at a career turning point, knowing your Personal Motivational Trend will guide towards your next best choice of vocation. Your Personal Motivational Trend stays with you through your lifetime, although it may be experienced through many different avenues of expression.

HOW? Reflect for a moment..... What do you most enjoy doing — at work or otherwise? What are your natural skills, talents and gifts - things that come easily to you? Recall a moment of fulfillment in your life so far — notice what was special about that experience for you; feel, see, hear anything about it, as if it were happening right now. Be aware of the joy within you.

3. CELEBRATE YOURSELF "I'm delirious with joy. It proves that if you confront the universe with good intentions in your heart, it will reflect that and reward your intent. Usually. It just doesn't always do it in the way you expect." ~J. Michael Straczynski

Why celebrate? Because you are worth it, as the advertisement goes In every person I have ever met, when I have looked beyond the smokescreen of disappointment, hurt feelings, frustration, self-doubt, I have never failed to find the precious gift of life, which is also the gift of loving, that sustains them. You, your life, is a precious gift.

HOW? Start with giving yourself your most precious gift — the gift of your time. Give yourself a Lily Day ... Afternoon or even an Hour — time to breathe and just be yourself; no commitments, no pressures; time to listen to, and follow your heart, as you are inspired. Celebrate the love that you are.

"Consider the lilies of the field, how they grow; they toil not, neither do they spin: And yet I say
unto you, That even Solomon in all his glory was not arrayed like one of these."
~Matthew 6

This quote speaks to me of having faith that something greater than I is in charge and running this show on earth. Therefore, instead of getting worked up and stressed out, I can let go and relax. I do not have to be in control and directing everything - minutiae management. First of all practically speaking, before I declare a Lily Day I do take care of the essentials that would otherwise distract me — for example, a bill to be paid, a phone call that has to be made, a meeting to be agreed. A Lily Day is a day of trust, space and peace, knowing that my basic needs are being taken care of — food, shelter, warmth — and importantly, my need to give: of my time, talents, love and joy. On a Lily Day, there is nothing I should or feel I have to do, unless I really want to. It is a bit like having a holiday at home without the discomforts of travel and facilities that do not meet my expectations. And it is just as refreshing, potentially more enriching and it does not cost anything. It is a special day to be available to and nurture my inner spirit.

Each time I have declared a Lily Day, the experience has been so very rewarding. I let the day take care of itself. I allow myself to be moved from within. It might be to go for a walk. It could be to clear a cupboard I have been meaning to do for ages. I could sit in a comfortable chair and just do nothing, until something occurs and moves me to take action. I can even be more productive than on a "normal" planned day. If there's filing to do, but I really don't feel like doing it, I don't do it. Letters to write, people to call, shopping to do — forget it. If it is really important, I will be moved to complete it. I give my "molecules" a chance to breathe as I get off my case.

If I am dependent upon the world around me for my sense of purpose, meaning and fulfillment, I look outside of myself for validation. I seek attention and approval, compare myself to others and their successes. On the other hand, a Lily Day offers me the opportunity to view who I am, and what I do, in a whole new light. How? I am relating to myself from the inside out. My inner wisdom is working for me and guiding me. I am enriching myself. Stresses may come not from what happens but how we respond to the events around us. But then isn't pressure often self-imposed by our expectations and the drivers of "shoulds," "oughts" and the compulsions that we assume? How is it some people in the same circumstances remain relaxed and calm while others get flustered? A Lily Day is not opting out. It is opting in; a delicious state of surrender to that which is higher and greater than me.

"The cure for exhaustion and burn-out is not rest but rather to connect with your heart and
let it guide you into what gives you power. When you connect with your power there
is complete relaxation even in the midst of intense action."
~Davide de Angelis

A Lily Day — no expectations, no disappointments. No attachments — freedom to be you and honour your heartfelt instincts to fulfill what is right in front of you. No fuss. No bother. Know the fullness of your own spirit as it comes into alignment with what is true for you.

"Happiness cannot be traveled to, owned, earned, worn or consumed.
Happiness is the spiritual experience of living every minute with
love, grace, and gratitude."
~Denis Waitley

Letting go is liberating. The blessing of any release is that it creates the space for something new. The void is actually not empty. I have found that the void is actually full of the dynamic energy of who I am really am, my spiritual essence. When I have stopped driving myself and trying to fill my space with things I think will make me feel more "comfortable" — eating, watching TV, mindlessly trawling the Internet— I am filled with vitality and peace.

"A good intention clothes itself with power." ~Ralph Waldo Emerson
Be prepared — life may find a way of delivering some wonderful surprises for you!

~From Huffington Post Articles by Anne Naylor
, author of these three
personal development books: Superlife , Superlove and Superyou

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Far Horizons


Copan Ruins, Honduras
Copán Mayan Ruins in Honduras feature stylized macaw beak carvings, plus sculptures of Scarlet Macaw heads as ball court markers. Macaws were an important motif in Mayan art. See Video HERE (Download once, for smooth second viewing)

Outside the towns of of Copán Ruinas, Gracias, and the region's unofficial capital of Santa Rosa de Copán, few tourists travel Honduras' western highlands — where charming colonial mountain villages are inhabited by the Lenca indigenous group. This is the land of Lempira, a famed Indian Chief who battled the conquistadors to a standstill, before being tricked and killed, and for whom the national currency is named. Spanish colonization eventually led to the loss of the Lenca language at the end 19th century. Today, approximately 100,000 Lenca live scattered about in 100 villages and hamlets.

The Copán Ruinas (Copan Ruins HERE) are the jewel of the Mayan kingdom in Honduras. It has one of the best preserved and biggest Maya temples in the world, dates back to around 1000 BC and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The Mayans were a particularly sophisticated civilization who spread widely across Central America, building city states in their unique, geometric style of architecture. They were fascinated by the stars and made complex and accurate predictions of astrological and planetary movements that have astounded contemporary scientists. The Ruins at Copán are set in a tranquil forest along the Copán River. The impressive site features a hieroglyphic staircase, temples and numerous beautiful carvings and stone sculptures. There is also a sculpture museum and a set of mysterious tunnels. Copán itself is one of the more tranquil and pleasant towns to visit in Honduras, with particularly good tourist facilities thanks to the ruins.

Lake Yojoa, Honduras
Lake Yojoa, the largest in Honduras, covers an extinct volcano field and is easily accessible from the main highway linking Tegucigalpa, the national capital, with San Pedro Sula. See Video HERE (Download once, for smooth viewing)

The awesome 2600-metre mountains of the Santa Barbara and Azul Meambar National Parks protectively encircle Lago de Yojoa (Lake Yojoa HERE), one of Honduras' points of outstanding natural beauty. Nestled between mountains and two national parks, Lake Yojoa was originally inhabited by Lenca in 1000 BC. Amidst the lush green surroundings, evidence of the existence of a pre-Columbian community has been discovered on the shores of the lake, with studies pointing to the ancient Lencan tribe. Aside from the anthropological aspect, visitors are also attracted by the forest's 373 species of birds, and plentiful opportunities for water sports. A peaceful trip out onto the lake in the old ferry or one of the other boats for hire is recommended, especially at sunset.

Just a thirty-minute drive from Lake Yojoa you'll find the spectacular Catarata Pulhapanzak (Pulhapanzak Waterfalls HERE), hidden away on a private finca (estate) and sheltering a tranquil bathing spot which is open to the public for a small fee. This Impressive falls is surrounded by a rustic park where the churning water kicks up a cooling mist. There are remains of temples built by the Lencas who inhabited the shores of Lake Yojoa in pre-Columbian times. Within the park you'll find a restaurant, as well as swimming ponds and camping. During the week, it is absolutely empty, giving the site a much more private feel.

Pulhapanzak Falls, Honduras
Pulhapanzak Falls is fed by Rio Lindo, bubbling from the ground as one of the many outlets of Lake Yojoa. (Photo taken by my husband, Bruce, when we visited Honduras in 2002) See Video HERE (Download once, for smooth viewing)

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