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If you approach each new person you meet in a spirit
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~ Eleanor Roosevelt ... Daily Inspirational Quotes

December 28, 2009


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We will never know the difference that can be made in our life and the lives of strangers unless we choose to be open to all possibilities.

Chelle Thompson

~ Chelle Thompson, Editor

... you can help people all
around the world without a bit of risk to yourself!

From the Inside OutInspiration Line 's Open Gate

"The Lady With the White Paling" taught me to leave the gate to life open...

When my husband died of a brain tumor, I became very angry. Life was not fair. I hated being alone. After three years as a widow, I walked around with a face like a stiff mask.

One day, as I was driving down a busy street in town, I suddenly noticed a new paling, or picket fence, that was being erected around a house that I had always admired.

The more than 100-year-old house was a faded color of white and had a large veranda. It once lay secluded from the quiet road. But then the road was widened, traffic lights were put up, and the small town began to resemble a large city. Now the house had almost no front garden left.

But the garden down to the road was always neat and clean, and the flower beds were teeming with flowers in all the colors of the rainbow. I also noticed a little lady with an apron who raked, swept, and mowed the lawn in there. She even picked up the litter people threw out when they hurried by in their cars.

Every time I drove past the house, I watched the fast progress with the paling. The elderly carpenter also made a trellis for the roses and a small summerhouse. He painted it all bright white, and afterwards he painted the house in the same color.

One day I pulled off to the side to really admire the paling. The carpenter had done such a good job that my eyes almost welled up with tears. I could not tear myself away. I stopped the engine and went over and touched the paling. It still smelled of fresh paint. I could hear the lady was trying to start the lawn mover in the back garden.

“Hello!” I shouted and waved at her. “Well, hello!” She stood up and wiped her hands in the apron. “I — I — came to see the paling. It is beautiful.”

She smiled. “Come and sit down on the veranda, and I will tell you about it.”

We went up the back stairs, and she opened the door; it squeaked like the door in my childhood home. In the kitchen were some leftovers from a meal that had been cooked with fresh vegetables from the garden. We walked across the worn linoleum and the wooden floor to the veranda in front of the house.

“Sit down in the rocking chair,” she said smilingly. I was filled with joy from sitting here on the veranda, drinking ice tea, with the beautiful white paling around me.

“The paling is not there for my sake,” the lady explained me in a matter-of-fact voice. “I live alone. But so many people drive by every day, and I thought they might be glad to see something really nice. People see my paling and wave. A few stop like you and come up to the veranda to have a chat.”

“But weren’t you sad when they expanded the road and everything changed so much?” I boldly asked.

Her reply changed my life: “Change is a part of life and takes part in making us who we are. When something we do not like happens to us, we have two options: to become a bitter person or to become a better person.”

When I said good-bye, she said, “Drop in again any time. And leave the gate open. It looks more friendly.”

I carefully left the gate open and drove on with a new sensation inside me. I could not tell what it was, but I could feel the thick stone wall around my angry heart crumbling away. And instead a pretty white paling was built. I decided that I would keep the gate open for everything and everyone that came my way.

~ Marion Bond West, Motivational Author of:
Overwhelmed: Finding Peace Through the Nevertheless Principle
and Praying for My Life Click Here

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Touching Tails

"In these difficult times, many people focus on the negatives in life ... such as what they don't have, what they can't accomplish, or what they can't do. But, I have a personal story which focuses on the positives, and the CAN DO's when all seems lost ... turning disappointment into a joyful new direction!" ~Judy Fridono
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Inspiration Online Magazine
s You Can!


At these times of unprecedented change and challenge, many are taking the opportunity to reevaluate their lives. Is the work you are doing truly serving you? Are your priorities where you want them to be? Would you like to be spending more time with your family? Is your life as meaningful as you would like? Are you aware of your personal value? ...

"Be your own awakener to the beauty and power that are alive in you right now." ~John-Roger

Personal value — what is that? I am glad you asked. Not the same as "values" which have more to do with how you relate with the world around you. If you were to ask yourself: what does positive attitude or positive state of mind mean to me? you will come up with your personal philosophy. Being open and honest; communicating with integrity; giving a percentage of your income to charity — all come under personal values.

Personal value is the term I use for inner strength, your innate essence or the human spirit that sustains you throughout your life. Personal value has more to do with who you are, than how you act or behave. Building your inner strength will assist you to succeed in a job interview; to achieve your goals and objectives; to make a positive contribution within your family and community; to be inspired, creative and resourceful.

You recognize personal value in one who has a radiant quality of love; a powerful, peaceful presence that relaxes and reassures. A couple who exchange their wedding vows of loving commitment shine with the spirit of who they are. Those who have been in the presence of HH the Dalai Lama speak of the powerful quality he radiates. You can feel it.

"You don't need a reason to be radiant." ~Davide de Angelis

To build your own inner strength, try some of the following:

1. Take time to look within ...
Start to meditate, learn yoga, spend time in nature and reflect. Just sit, do nothing and observe as you breathe deeply and slowly. Get in touch with your inner nature, the beauty and essence that you are.

2. Affirm your qualities ...
What qualities make you unique? Enthusiasm, sense of humour, joy, persistence, courage, ability to connect with others? Affirm those in the present tense with "I am" statements. Choose 3 affirmations and repeat them, first thing in the morning and last thing at night. For example:

I am generous with my family and friends
I am caring and considerate
I am thoughtful and loving

3. Make agreements you know you can keep ...
Be on time. You will show yourself to be a reliable person. Re-negotiate agreements you cannot keep — make fewer of them. You will know yourself as being trustworthy.

4. Learn to say "No" ...
Do not over-commit yourself. Refusing a request is not against anyone else. You are being honest with, and true to, yourself.

5. Accept, appreciate and love yourself through difficulties ...
When your life is in turmoil, you may not do things "perfectly". Give yourself permission to learn. Ask: What can this situation teach me? Remember that at all times, you are doing the best you can. When you know better, you do better.

6. Be forgiving ...
When you make a mistake, be tender, kind and compassionate. Do not punish, criticize and condemn yourself. Love and comfort yourself, as you would a precious child.

7. Prize yourself ...
Celebrate your "wins", the things that go well, and the good that you do. At the end of the day, notice the goodness of your intention and your actions.

8. Do what gives you happiness ...
Be happy with what you do. Choosing to be happy is a great spiritual discipline. When you are walking, smile to yourself. You will find things to smile about.

9. Focus on the positive ...
Even in the midst of disaster, look for the blessings and opportunity present. With a positive attitude, you can literally turn your life around.

10. Relax and be patient ...
While you may not be able to do anything about the global economy as a whole, you can make the most of each day and take steps to build a future you would like. This is not a passive, hopeless enduring, but an active, participative anticipation of a better life for yourself and those you care for.

11. Be open for the best ...
You never know what good is right around the next corner. Keep an open and receptive mind. Do not be tempted to believe all you hear on the news. The creative spirit in you, and in our human community, is a very wonderful and extraordinary resource.

12. Say thank you to life ...
.... and for your life. Be grateful. If you feel down, look around you and be grateful for all that you have, right now. The attitude of gratitude will take you through life's worst storms and lead you toward greater joy, serenity and fulfillment.

"What we achieve inwardly will change outer reality." ~Plutarch

Believe in the beauty of who you are. Salute your human spirit. Dare to shine! How have you built strength in your life so far? How are you using these times to good effect? How will you celebrate your inner strength this New Year's Eve?

~ By Anne Naylor, who has been a Consultant in personal motivation since 1982.
Author of three personal development books, Superlife, Superlove and SuperYou,
Anne gives Clear Results Consultations for individuals meeting life turning points,
or wishing to improve the quality of their lives. Gifted with a talent for discerning
the unique value in each of her clients, she communicates her trust in the power of
each person to lead a fulfilling and rewarding life, however they define it.
Visit her website at:


Just for YOU

Addiction: What’s Really Going On? Inside a Heroin Treatment Program

Addiction: What’s Really Going On? Inside a Heroin Treatment Program contains powerful true-life stories woven together to form a tapestry filled with pain, joy, defeat, and success. The entire book is molded around Deborah McCloskey’s heartfelt desire for her clients to be free of drugs. Her counseling methods both endeared her as “the counselor to get” and locked her into a decade of searching for better ways to help those she felt were stuck on the merry-go-round of a methadone system. This book should be read by teachers, hospitals employees, college students, government officials, and our general adult population whether addicted, sober, or straight.

It is evident throughout the book that Deborah’s passion for aiding those in addiction became her focus, as well as, to help redirect the way we as a society handle our drug addicted population. This passion led her to write the fascinating stories which pose the compelling question: What’s really going on? The book addresses this question and others surrounding the need for change in how those with drug addictions are treated in our society. One of Deborah’s goals was to manifest this vision and to bring the reality of addiction out-of-the-closet.

The stories are true, the people are real, as are the life threatening incidences and tales of pain. To balance the darkness, Deborah used her candid sense of humor to reel in the reader until he can no longer resist. Once he enters, he will not leave until he finds justice. But is there justice? The reader will search for illumination within the intriguing stories of depression and defeat, but find it rarely. Only in a few select brave souls who have struggled to become drug-free will the reader find the answers to the manuscript’s questioning title. The book instructs us all to ask questions surrounding those we love and those we do not know — our addiction population.

Barbara Sinor, Ph.D. Counselor and Author ~ Visit my web site for more details:

... enter HERE to learn more ...

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