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January 28, 2008


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Chelle Thompson, Editor
~ Chelle Thompson, Editor

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From the Inside OutKitten and Dog Napping

While visiting my orphan brother, Wayne, in Gainesville, Georgia, I saw a little kitten running along the roadway.

We were five miles from the nearest house. It was obvious that someone tried to get rid of it and dumped this cat. I asked Wayne if we could stop and at least take it to a safer place.

"I don't want a darn cat," said Wayne. "Well, I didn't ask you to adopt the cat. Just move it to another location so it will not get run over," I said.

With one of those mean, old, gruff looking moods that some people get on their face, he pulled off the highway and let me pick up the kitten. As I got back in the truck, I looked at him and said, "Now that didn't kill you, did it?"

"I got a dog and that's all I need," said Wayne with that mean, old look still on his face.

I picked the cat up from my lap and held it toward him. "Why don't you reach out there and scratch that mean, old man?" I told the cat. Wayne gave me that out-of-the-corner-of-your-eye looks, but did not say a word. After arriving at his house, I took the kitten and stood beside the truck petting it.

"That cat is not coming in my house," Wayne said pointing at me. "You want me to just throw it out in the street?" I asked. "I guess I don’t have to tell you that this is just a little orphan kitten."

Wayne and I both were orphans, and we both know very well what it is like to have no one give a hoot about us.

"Don't pull that one on me," he replied.

"Well, it's hungry and it needs some water." Wayne did not say a word as he nodded toward the house, giving me permission to bring the kitten in for a drink of water and something to eat. "I ain't got anything but dog food. That's what it's going to have to eat or it can just go hungry."

As soon as Wayne sat down on the couch, the kitten ran over to him and grabbed his sock with all four feet. He shook his foot as hard as he could, but the kitten would not let go. Soon Wayne was laughing as loud as he could. "Look at this darn cat!" he exclaimed.

All at once, the kitten let go of his leg; Wayne reached over, picked it up and began to stroke it. "Listen to the motor in this thing," Wayne said.

About that time, Wayne's dog came walking in from the back bedroom. Instantly, the dog and kitten began to chase each other! They ran up and down the hallway, and around the couch. "I guess they sorta like each other. I am surprised. My dog don't like any one."

"Yeah, like somebody else I know," I whispered to myself.

As the animals continued to play, Wayne and I got in some computer time. About an hour later, we walked into the back bedroom; there were Wayne's dog and the kitten — both asleep on Wayne's bed. The kitten curled up in a tight ball right next to the dog's chest.

Over the next two days, I would see Wayne go to the refrigerator and cut up small pieces of his premium ham to hand feed the small kitten.

On Sunday morning, I awoke to the smell of breakfast. As I was about to take a shower, I walked through the living room and saw Wayne cooking in the kitchen. There on the floor were two bowls of food — one for the kitten and one for the dog. I knew right then another orphan had been saved.

I loaded my suitcases into my truck and then turned around. I stood there looking at Wayne, his dog and the kitten. All three looked back at me.

"Don't even think about it, unless you wanna fight," said Wayne as we both laughed.

Wayne and I hugged each other warmly. I got in my truck and drove away knowing that my orphan brother had found another piece of his heart.

~© Roger Dean Kiser Visit:
See Roger's new book "Runaway" below ...

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Life on the Streets — The Lessons Learned

As a young boy, I spent many years living on the streets of Jacksonville, Florida. I have researched many books about such things; many written by psych-doctors who have never left the comfort of their Lexus automobile.
The teens of today know freedom is a wonderful thing and it lives right outside their door. They know that it cannot be all bad out on the streets, and they are correct. I have written this book which tells about the good things, along with the bad. The main point of my book is to relate to teens the end result of taking to the streets; the damage caused will arrive much later in their life. They will develop a total distrust of their family, friends, and loved ones. That distrust will follow them for the remainder of their lives. That distrust will transfer on to their children and possibly their grandchildren. A couple of years of fun and games is not worth 40 or 50 years of sadness and unhappiness.
By Roger Dean Kiser

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Fascinating Facts

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What's the LOVE-ly history
of Valentine's Day?

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Words from the Wise

Online Short Movies Starring Amazing People
(From Filmmaker Nic Askew)

When someone decides to stop telling you what they think
you need to hear, and takes it upon themselves to talk from
their soul
, it seems you have an opportunity to do something.
ENTER HERE to read more about Lee

There came a point when Lee Scampton was forced to listen,
forced to stop ignoring what life was telling him.

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"Every event and life-experience that causes pain can be identified as having a base/foundation
of believing that one is not loved. Because all things manifest from a thought-form,
any thought that is formed with the foundation of a belief that one is not loved has the
potential to cause a painful experience. Thought-forms with a foundation of love,
faith, and no fear, have the potential to create joy… and so much more.
~ Solomon ~

You may have heard it speculated about that all disease is linked to our emotional issues. Following that line of thinking, my Life Counselor, Solomon, went on to uncover more about the theory that ALL things that we have, or do not have, are linked to our emotional issues.

I woke up one morning with a heaviness that I couldn't identify. The morning was incredibly beautiful and I stepped out onto the deck to watch the sun make its entrance into the day. I was pleasantly surprised to have Solomon appear next to me, with his hand on my shoulder. His manner was soft and comforting. His words were immediate:

"Think for a minute about those who have and those who don't have, he suggested. Think for a minute about the process of manifestation and the subject of love and betrayal. The act of betrayal, in the human psyche, cannot be a reality without the underlying fact that there is no love.

"In other words, the human species believes that, if someone is truly and completely loved, they would never be betrayed. How then does the human explain the fact that so many believe that The Creator has betrayed them?

"One of the greatest issues upon the planet Earth is the fact that the mere act of being on the planet suggests that one is separated from The Creator and 'home.' And so the mere process of being human suggests that one is not loved and can lead to the assumption that betrayal by separation has occurred."

Well, I admit that the enormity of the revelation and the deepness of the thought, as well as the simplicity of it, surprised me. I could see that, if the entire concept of what he was suggesting could be completely understood, the process of manifestation and living the life most of us believe we should be living, could be explained.

If there is a subconscious belief that we are unloved, we ourselves will deprive ourselves of what it is we want. We will postpone, or eliminate altogether, that which we deeply desire.

I'll attempt to explain this as simply as I can. Solomon's revelation was so complete and involved my entire Soul's history and so there is much to say about the subject but little time and space to say it. To me, it feels as though the entirety of existence had been handed to me and now it was mine to sort out and then live. It is my hope, as it is always my hope when I write, that the reader's Soul will grasp all of the nuances that are written and unwritten.

To continue … what if it's this simple? What if every single aspect of abuse, disease, neglect, lack, crime, and every other event on Earth that appears to be out of alignment with what we believe we should experience as great Souls who are aspects of The Creator, is an out-picturing of the fact that deep within our psyche is the belief that we are not loved?

Let's take it one step deeper. What if subconsciously we know that we feel absolute love on "the other side/home" and this is the reason we manifest death? If we cannot feel the totality of love on Earth, would we not constantly crave "death" and our return "home?"

An ideal world would consist of having every need, desire, whim, dream, fulfilled. In our teachings about manifestation, it is said that this scenario is achievable. And so, deep within our Knowing, this belief resides. It is, I would venture to say, the core of any and all frustration we feel with life on Earth. It is supposed to be one way but it manifests as something entirely different.

There are several factors that rise from the ashes of our subconscious with this thought. Are we being lied to? Are we lying to ourselves? Are we delusional? Are we being betrayed by something or someone?

There is not a person on Earth who can look back at childhood and not find a moment when something they wanted was not given. For example, you were in a grocery store with a parent and you saw a bag of cookies and you were told that you couldn't have them. Almost certainly, there is more than one incident like this in every life.

Some of us experienced daily disappointments. What did this teach us? It taught us that we cannot always have what we want. And yet the study of manifestation teaches us that we can have everything we want. Which is the Truth?

But this brings up another point. Why do so many of us identify "lack" as betrayal? In other words, when we do not receive something we want, we feel betrayed. Where did this interpretation arise?

My Knowing is that, each person receives what their Soul wants them to have. And so, if a person craves a certain event, relationship, or item and these things do not manifest, the reason for the "failure to arrive" is due to the fact that the Soul has other plans.

Again how did we as a species give birth to the belief that not receiving means not being loved? The question bears serious investigation. By understanding how we think and interpret life, we can begin to heal the emotional reaction to the human life-experience, thus begin to heal the "separation" that allows us to live lives that do not reflect the joy and serenity of the Soul.

Taking the subject a step further, how could it be anywhere near possible to create a world/reality where every single person received every single thing they ever craved? And would that be a world of satisfaction or a world of gluttony? The key, perhaps, would lie in the deepest spiritual understandings, which would then lead us to understanding Universal Balance.

Realistically speaking, it might be better to have that "world" exist somewhere other than here on Earth. After all, material things are all part of the illusion and the illusion is not truly what we seek. It would seem that total chaos would ensue if all people were to have all desires met. (Perhaps the times of absolute chaos on Earth were the times when we, as a society, attempted to experiment with this concept?)

Why then do we manifest an Earthly reality/world when all that we truly (albeit subconsciously) seek lies within our Soul and spiritual love and understanding? My understanding is, as Soul, we seek to know, love, and understand all aspects of existence. All aspects of existence contain an aspect of The Creator. This would have to include all of the things on Earth that we judge and abhor, as difficult as that is to imagine.

Nothing can exist without The Creator, therefore all that happens on Earth, or anywhere else, must contain an aspect of The Creator. Even at our "worst," we are manifesting The Creator. But there is something within almost every person that helps us realize that when we act out the most damaging and painful events, we are acting in ways that are outside of Divine Alignment. I believe that "something" is our connection to Soul.

As Soul, we know that Divine Alignment and the acting out of the Original Plan of existence have a foundation of love for all things. Which brings us back to the original point that Solomon is making. The belief that one is not loved is the foundation for the feeling of betrayal for all things that are out of Divine Alignment and all things that cause pain.

Beneath all acts that appear to be acts of betrayal is the act of betraying oneself. To believe that one is not loved is to betray oneself. It is not universally possible to be unloved. The very fact that a person exists is a statement of love.

The universal experience on Earth is set up in such a way that we are capable of manifesting our own reality. It is set up in a way that allows the world around us to mirror back to us that which is outside of Divine Alignment.

Nothing outside of ourselves can betray us. When it feels as though it does, it is our signal that, at some level, we do not feel loved.

It may seem complicated but it's actually not.

~Copyright, Lauren Zimmerman, 2003
Creator of "OTHER WORLDS: The Series"
(Article originally published in Voices For A New World: An E-Magazine)

Far Horizons


Roman Arch in Tyre, Lebanon
Roman Triumphal Arch and Avenue in Tyre, Lebanon

Learn More Here

A trip to Lebanon without visiting Tyre would be unthinkable. Tyre (a.k.a. Sur/Sour) was probably founded at the start of the third millennium B.C. It was originally made up of two parts: the coastal city and some small islands. Phoenician Tyre was queen of the seas, an island city of unprecedented splendor. According to one ancient account, "Tyrian merchants were the first who ventured to navigate the Mediterranean waters; and they founded their colonies on the coasts and neighboring islands of the Aegean Sea, in Greece, on the northern coast of Africa, at Carthage and other places, in Sicily and Corsica, in Spain at Tartessus, and even beyond the pillars of Hercules at Gadeira." This great Phoenician city ruled the oceans and founded prosperous colonies such as Cadiz and Carthage. The trade of purple dye made from the murex shell grown off the coast of Tyre once dominated the area’s economy. The dye from this modest mollusk was used for imperial Roman garments and the reason that, even today, the color purple is associated with royalty.

Tyre became a grand city. She grew wealthy from her far-reaching colonies and her industries of purple-dyed textiles, but she also attracted the attention of jealous conquerors, among them Nabuchadnezzar and Alexander the Great. It was not until the first millennium BC that the city experienced its golden age. In the 10th century BC, Ahiram, King of Tyre, joined two islets by landfill. Later he extended the city further by reclaiming a considerable area from the sea and built two ports and a temple to Melkart, the city's god. Phoenician expansion began about 815 BC when traders from Tyre founded Carthage in North Africa. Eventually its colonies spread around the Mediterranean and Atlantic, bringing to the city a flourishing maritime trade.

Today, Tyre is the fourth largest city in Lebanon and is a popular stop for tourists due to its ancient ruins. It was added to UNESCO's World Heritage list in 1984. Tyre is one of the world's oldest cities: home to Phoenicians, Assyrians, Greeks, Romans — even the alphabet, historians say. Recent excavations have uncovered Crusader, Arab, Byzantine and Greco-Roman remains, but the actual city that has come to light is the Roman and Byzantine settlement. Tyre offers visitors an impressive array of excavated ancient ruins, which are spread across three separate archaeological areas. The loveliest relic is a reconstructed Triumphal Arch. A Roman cemetery (necropolis) with several freestanding stone tombs situated on both sides of a long avenue is also impressive. Sights include the remains of a Roman bathhouse, aqueduct, and cardo (street), and a Byzantine mosaic floor from an ancient church. Tyre's hippodrome (an arena for chariot racing that could seat 20,000 spectators.) is unique because it's built of stone instead of the more usual brick. Remains from other periods have also been unearthed at Tyre, including those from the Byzantine, Arab and Crusader eras, but it is the Roman ruins that are most numerous and awe-inspiring.

In the modern Tyre harbor area you won’t find much of ancient times. You will however, enjoy the trip for Tyre’s souks (markets), its shipbuilders laboring under the spines of boats, and its groups of foreigner-curious men enjoying a good smoke of the shishaw pipe outdoors in their underwear. Near Tyre is the reported tomb of King Ahiram (Hiram), contemporary of King David. It is located on the road to Qana El-Jaleel, 6 km southeast of Tyre.

The Phoenicians were also blessed with the bounty of the forests in the mountains of Lebanon. They never hesitated to trade for their abundant pines, firs, and cypresses, as well as their fabulous cedars of Lebanon, some of the world's most famous trees. Capable of reaching heights of over 120 ft (trunks almost 40 ft in diameter), with a fragrant and durable wood, the cedars of Lebanon have been sought after since the third millennium BC. It is these trees that according to the Old Testament were offered by Hiram, King of Tyre, to Solomon for use in the construction of the First Temple in Jerusalem. Unfortunately, in the last 1500 years, these precious cedars have been used mostly as fuel (during the Middle Ages), simply destroyed (by the 19th century Ottomans), or used by the British to build the railroad between Tripoli and Haifa. Today, there are only a few groves left, located high in the hills above Tripoli, Lebanon.

See Video Here
See Video of Tyre, Lebanon HERE
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Roman Baths iin Tyre, Lebanon
Roman Baths in the Ancient City of Tyre.

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This recovery workbook is an incredibly powerful healing tool that helps readers discover how childhood trauma has caused much of the emotional suffering in their lives today. The author Barbara Sinor, PhD, has had extensive professional and personal experience in this area, and uses self-disclosure to present some very powerful examples about her own healing. Sinor states, "Today there are signs that after a long and tumultuous courtship, spirituality and psychology may be finding common ground." Connecting all of these aspects of oneself leads to a holistic healing. She teaches you how to get in touch with your inner child to release negative emotions and recreate childhood beliefs and experiences: "You can learn to live in the present by releasing the retained hurt and not allowing it to direct your life. You can accomplish this by using self-empowerment, by acknowledging your personal power." There are seven key steps to the process: Acknowledgment; Self-Awareness; Meeting Your Child Within; Emotional Release Exercises; The Re-creation Process; For-Giving; and Letting Go. Each step is fully explained and for deeper exploration, at the end of each chapter, are thought-provoking Child Within exercises, affirmations, directions for auto-hypnosis and blank pages for journaling. By using these tools to recreate your past, you will be able to change your present reality and thereby alter your future. Read More HERE

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The primary mission of the FealGood Foundation, a non-profit organization, is to spread awareness and educate the public about the catastrophic health effects on 9/11 first responders, as well as to provide assistance to relieve these great heroes of the financial burdens placed on them over the last five years. A secondary goal of our Foundation is to create a network of advocacy on 9/11 healthcare issues. We not only advocate for Ground Zero workers, but show others how they can advocate for themselves and help others through grassroots activism.
(Contributed by Janet who lives in New York City, New York)

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Uplifting News Stories

María Amelia López
At 95 Amelia has surprised herself by
going from Web-illiterate to cyber-celebrity.

María Amelia López
Amelia poses with a Brazilian tourist
for a picture on October 5, 2007.


"My name is Amelia and I was born in Muxía (a Coruña - Spain) on December the 23rd of 1911. Today it's my birthday and my grandson, who is very stingy, gave me a blog." Her fans call her "the little granny," and since her debut in cyberspace in December, 2006, María Amelia López, now 96, has drawn thousands of readers from across the globe with an incisive blog. Her Internet journal at is a meandering chronicle of old age sprinkled with vivid reminiscence and her take on contemporary life, from fashion and workers' rights to Basque terrorism and more. "It's a whole new universe," said Amelia, an elegant woman with high, arched brows and a keen stare, speaking in the computer room at the town hall of this quiet town on Spain's northwestern coast. Her grandson Daniel set up the blog and showed his grandmother how to use the Internet. By turns insightful, amusing, and mundane, Amelia's blog reports on the world she sees during the summer from her seaside balcony in Muxía, where she was born, and from the Galician farmhouse where she lives with her grandson the rest of the year. She blogs sporadically, sometimes once a week, sometimes every day, chronicling her swollen joints, her bouts of dizziness, and her trips to the doctor. Go to Amelia's home in the village of Sanxenxo and you'll see that her ability to pour out words on the net is matched by loquaciousness in person. "I was always talkative, but now I feel more wanted, embraced, because so may people write to me," explained Amelia.

"Age is more important (to determining Internet use) than income, gender or level of education," said Domingo Laborda, an official of Spain's Industry Ministry. The proportion of Internet users declines even more steeply after 65. Only 2.7% of over-74s has ever surfed the Net. But technology can help break down the isolation brought so often by advancing age. "Although nothing can make up for affection, the Internet can help communication, with mail, chat or messaging, and it's fun and always available," said Laborda. Amelia revealed that her next project is to learn to navigate the Web more extensively and, maybe, learn another language. "The Internet has given me life," Amelia told Reuters, describing how she receives messages from places as diverse as Brazil, Russia and Japan. She has described herself as "the world's oldest blogger," although a quick Google search reveals several pretenders to the title, including 108-year-old Australian Olive Riley at In closing, María Amelia López wisely adds: "Elderly people like me — and there are a lot of old people who are younger than I am — should all have someone who shows them how to use the Internet ... You have to stay informed."
See Video Here See Amelia's Video Interviews (in Spanish) Below:
El Sexto Sentido (The Sixth Sense) and
España Directo TV
(Always let videos fully download once, for smooth second viewing.)

María Amelia López
María Amelia López waves from the town of Combarro in the northern Spanish region of Galicia.

María Amelia López
Web-blogger Amelia shows the home
page of her blog on a laptop screen.


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"The word circulation implies that something is going round and round.
Whether it be money, love or good will, whatever you spread around
is going to come back to you. In order to be on the receiving end
of our desires, we must spread around to others exactly what
we want. In addition, we must do it with a grateful heart."

~By Adrain Calabrese, Ph.D. Author of
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