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“The path to your true heart's desire begins
with faithfully surrendering to Divine Order.
Resistance is not the key; surrender lifts
the latch and sets you free.

~Michelle Mullady

January 4, 2016


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My Inner Bliss™ Daily Affirmation:


What would you like to imagine happening in your life during 2016? What would you like to do, to create and accomplish?

What magnificence would you like to call forth from the Infinite's energies as your own experience? How will you take hold of and mold the Divine Life streaming through your being with each breath?

Is there growth that you want to occur in your life? Do you have anything that you want to be released, so that you may be set free from the limitations of your past or present circumstances?

Each day of this new year is your time to choose. There is joy to be had in the days, weeks, and months ahead, as well as challenges to overcome, blocks to let go of, and healings to take place.

The magic is in you and what you believe is possible. How will you align with the Divine inside and around you to manifest your 2016 dreams?

Write it down. Take a piece of paper, as much time as you need, and write it all down. Affirm your power to choose.

Then place it in the heart of your Higher Power trusting that this or something better will evolve. In the end, your soul always knows best, so trust the process.

Copyright Michelle Mullady 2013




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