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Comments From Our Readers

"Your e-mails make quite a difference in my life, as I'm sure they do in many others. Thanx from the bottom of my heart for being here for people such as I, who so desperately need a warrior to be here for us!!!"
— Jaki, who lives in California

"You brought a smile to my face so many times during this year's trying time. I hope this little gift serves to get the ball rolling to cover your costs this year for the most important piece of spiritual input in my life ... Inspiration Line."
— David, who lives in Australia

"My friend had great messages from you printed on papers and pasted all over in his office. Messages were so nice and touching. I found what I greatly missed. He introduced me to your website. Thanks to him. Thanks to your organisation."
— Romano, who lives in Kenya

"I want to thank you Chelle for your great Newsletter and on-line stuff. They have really brought the 'big picture' and everything together, lifting the veil of ignorance in the world . No longer prey to its distractive impositions, people are awakened and activated recipients to its unfoldment."
Steve, who lives in Rugby, Warwickshire, Great Britain.

"I so much enjoy receiving Inspiration Line in my in-box and understand the necessity of your need for funds — how else can you operate? I would love to make this donation much more, but hopefully it will help you out this year in order for you to continue to send your lovely messages to those of us lucky enough to have found you! I am hopeful that perhaps 'down the track' I'll be able to send a much larger amount. In the meantime — THANK YOU! You bring a lot of smiles to brighten days for so many of us."
—Jennie, who lives in New Zealand

"Your inspirational pieces are awesome, and have proven to be an inspiration and morale builder for our troops in Iraq, Kuwait, and Afghanistan. I did not know this was taking place, but I met a nurse who informed me that she was sending them to her daughters who are over there in the Army."
— Sam, who lives in Texas

"I know a little bit about how painful it can be, when you work so hard, and then not get the appreciation and support that you deserve and need from others. I know it shouldn't matter, but it still hurts when there is no response. Anyway, I do appreciate and enjoy what you do and be assured that Inspiration Line is bringing more light into the world!"
Joan, who lives in Colorado

"Thank you so much for all your hard work, thoughtful selection of material, and research throughout the year. It is a pleasure to receive your first-rate publication."
Beverly, who lives in Florida

"Enclosed is a long overdue thank you for the wonderful job that you do with Inspiration Line. You've been a blessing to me for a long while and to many others to whom I've passed on the links."
Della, who lives in Tennessee

"Great job you are doing there. I am a business lady and there are all those failures and disappointments you always get along the way, but you know what... when am in town I always rush to the cyber cafe and read my weekly Inspiration Line newsletter and it really gives me a new spark of life and hope. I could not be more grateful. KEEP UP THE GREAT JOB!"
— Wairimu, who lives in Kenya

"I love the weekly inspirations and the monthly newsletter. I am a high school teacher and I find every now and again a story, an anecdote, a joke, some kind of "inspiration" that I can use in my classroom presentations. I breathe life into my activities because I have a lifeline from you and your sources. Many, many thanks. Keep up the great work!"
— From Sean, who lives in Medicine Hat, Canada

How Does Inspiration Line
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"Are you going through a rough patch right now? Maybe some things have happened in your life recently and you're just having a hard time dealing with them. Life can definitely throw you some curve balls from time to time and it's completely understandable to be upset for awhile. But there are things that can help you as well! One example is the cool site we're featuring today. It's called Inspiration Line and it's perfect for a little pick-me-up! At first I thought, 'What will this site really have to offer?' Well, let me tell you, I was amazed. I loved this site's ability to pick me up and make me smile when I was sad, make me laugh when I was too serious, and remind me what life is about. There are a lot of good stories and a lot of great quotes."




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