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Courtesy of Miami Phillips at Self-Improvement

A powerful eBook that provides a step-by-step plan to bring more prosperity into your life.
If you want to attain financial abundance, you have to think, act, and feel like a rich person.
This eye-opening report reveals — a simple technique for solutions to money problems;
how "giving" can actually help you become wealthier; an effective method
to suppress the fear of losing money and lots more.

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Miami Phillips has written an important book that looks beneath the surface, giving the reader insights and practical advice. For anyone wanting to be, to do and to have, Miami does an excellent job explaining the hidden motivators in your life and how you can use that insight to your advantage. You hold in your hands the cure for an unknown American epidemic. It might even be a world epidemic. It is not our fault, but we can overcome it. We do not need to raise millions of dollars to research and combat it. We don't have to all come together and hold a candlelight vigil. To cure this epidemic takes only two people. You and me. If we can cure ourselves, we can show others how to do the same.
By Miami Phillips
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