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Until now, the best way to get Inspiration Line was via e-mail ... not anymore!


What Are The Advantages of Inspiration Line's Super Toolbar with Instant RSS Reader?

Incredibly easy access: Our toolbar is a small panel at the top of your browser that contains an integrated collection of shortcuts, links, and helpful features. It takes up very little room, while giving you the ease of simply clicking a button.

Daily Inspiration Plus My Daily Inspiration+ includes a dropdown menu with quick links to our Daily Inspirational Quotes — eGreetings & Archives by Topic — Encouragement Articles Blog BoardInspirational Music — Internet Alerts & Computer Tips, as well as other popular pages.

RSS Feeds My Feeds instantly displays all of the latest issues of Inspiration Line, without having to open another program. There are also icon options for: Your Favorite Sites — Local Weather and Time — Google Search — eMail Notifier — Pop-up Blocker.

Our Sacred Spiral Logo takes you directly to Inspiration Line's Home Page and Website.

Why Is This Toolbar Better Than Using eMail?

1. You'll never miss an issue —
eMail filtering has become so aggressive, lately, that we can no longer guarantee (nor can any other email-based media) that you'll receive your subscription. You don't have to worry about an eMail getting lost or accidentally deleted, or caught in a spam filter, or bouncing due to an Internet Service Provider (ISP) problem.

2. You'll have no Inbox buildup Don't be concerned about going away for a few days and coming back to an Inbox overflowing with eMagazines and eNewsletters.

3. You'll save disk space Since our Inspiration Line eMagazines are stored on our web server, you don't have to keep your favorite issues saved on your computer. You can access any archived newsletter at any time with a quick click of your mouse!

4. You can keep your eMail address private With our Super Toolbar and/or RSS Syndicated Link (see below) you never need to give out your address.

5. You can print, save and send Our Super Toolbar isn't just a great way to read Inspiration Line, you can also print and even forward it to your friends with the Tell-A-Friend banner at the bottom of each Inspiration Line issue.

6. You'll have no blocked images Some ISPs and eMail programs block photos and sound. With our Super Toolbar that won't happen! You always see Inspiration Line like it was meant to be seen ... with full color graphics and uplifting music..

Inspiration Line's Super Toolbar with Instant RSS allows you to ALWAYS RECEIVE our weekly
eMagazine ... plus many other popular online publications and newsfeeds — including ABC News,
BBC News, Science, National Geographic, and many local newspapers!
(See a list here)

Setup is easy and very user-friendly ...

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Inspiration Online Magazine NewsReader OUR RSS SYNDICATED LINK Subscribe by XML/RSS Feeds

RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication. This is an XML format that's used to send updated headlines to your computer. Your Home Page Provider gathers the content you select from a variety of sources and displays it for you in one convenient location. Syndication means you don't have to visit each site individually to see what's new — you simply scan headlines or brief article summaries and click to read the full text.

You can also receive our weekly issues and bypass email by adding Inspiration Line's RSS Syndicated Link to your home page by clicking the applicable image Add Inspiration Line to My MSN Add to GoogleAdd to My AOL

Want to add Inspiration Line to a toolbar or RSS Reader that you already have? Go to "Add New Feeds" and paste in this link: http://www.inspirationline.com/inspirationline.xml

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